In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ailment results from an imbalance in the harmony of the Yin and Yang forces of life vital energy (Qi).

For health problems to occur, there must be a functional imbalance or blockage of the energy flow.

Let’s make an analogy with the Art of War: the enemy can only breakthrough where the border is poorly defended. If the territory is well fortified, there is no victory for the invader.

Illustration by Nathalie Ouederni

To maintain or restore health, the practitioner must identify the health disruptive events and then neutralize their influences using all of his knowledge.

In Chinese Medicine, it is the vital energy that determines the state of one’s health.

Life’s vital energy (Qi) is the main attribute of this approach. It is the force that initiates movement, that supports functions and transformations in humans and in all living organisms.

Thus, when the energy flows properly and is present at a high level, the state of health is reached.