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The treatments I give come from different kinds of ancestral medicine knowledge expressed into one approach which is Acupressure. This method aims to clear internal blockages, strengthen the body and stimulate its own self-healing.

Illustration by Nathalie Ouederni


When a health problem arises, Acupressure helps the body regain its balance. Allowing the person to reach a state of relaxation and well-being.


Acupressure is a gentle, yet effective healing method using finger pressure. It targets specific body points allowing life energy to circulate through meridians.


The benefits of acupressure are numerous. It excels as a preventive form of therapy but also as an effective approche that helps the body function optimally.

Ancestral Healings

Since immemorial times, Ancestral healings have played a significant role in all human health care. They have proven their efficiency in maintaining and restoring health.

For Whom?

Acupressure is for everyone. In case of serious illness, it is recommended to consult a doctor before receiving a consultation. It is also important to inform the therapist if you are pregnant, as certain restrictions apply.

The first consultation lasts an hour and a half and is used to establish an anamnesis, i.e. to better understand your personal situation and to provide you with initial care.

The subsequent acupressure consultations are one-hour long.

Phone or Online Acupressure sessions are also available if needed.

Illustration by Noémie Labrosse

About me

We sometimes wonder what life has in store for us. Going through the years, life has presented me with a beautiful gift by allowing me to practice my vocation as an ethnotherapist. Ethnotherapy is based on the wisdom of ancestral medicines. It’s on this thematic that my background revolves. The variety of knowledge learned allows me to have a global view of the human and to recognize imbalances in various spheres of his being so that I can provide the appropriate care.