human therapy is about building bridges within the human being but also bridges between humans.

The term “bridge” is used to illustrate the concept of unity. More precisely, to indicate that a person can move from a state of physical and/or psychological suffering (fragmented state) to a state of complete well-being (unity in oneself) by restoring the balance between its different components.

Bridges can also be created between individuals by collaborating with each other to create beautiful and great projects together.

Illustration by Noémie Labrosse

NiceForest – Foundation for the living

ar”Trees as a model for the future” says Ernst Zürcher

Many studies show that trees are real allies in the fight against global warming, boosting agriculture, reviving biodiversity, purifying the air, etc. Without forgetting to mention that they have many health benefits.

Therefore, to ensure harmony in humans, it is essential to maintain or even restore the link with nature. human therapy wishes to contribute to this reconnection in several ways.

One of them is to be a partner of “NiceForest – Foundation pour le vivant“. This foundation aims to regenerate the Earth and to plant as many trees as possible on the planet in collaboration with first nations peoples (or indigenous peoples).

On each session, a percentage is donated to NiceForest and the patient has the possibility to complete the amount by a personal donation. 

You also have the possibility to make a donation for the trees directly on the website of the Foundation.

Nature gives everything that humans need. Let’s show our gratitude by giving back to nature.